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Founder's Foundations

These are the first 4 speeches that initially opened my mind to the possibilities of my life.  When I first heard them I didn't fully understand the value.  But I kept listening, and eventually, I did understand just how powerful the effect of these words was on the results I started receiving in my life.  These are my 4 favorite thinkers. I have more favorites but these are my Founding 4.  I share them with you with the hope that it allows you to see that you too, have greatness in you.

Wind Turbines in the Mountains

This Zig Ziglar discussion is the dividing line between the good and the not-so-good times in my life.  Listening to this speech every day for a couple of months, is what changed the person I was.  This is what started it all for me.  
Listen Here

Countryside Road

This Les Brown discussion puts a smile on my face everytime I hear it. It is a pure shot of energy to anyone with even an inkling of believe in themself. I hope this is you! Here is some Morning Energy, courtesy of the great Les Brown!

Volcano Hiker

This Jim Rohn discussion can literally give you the blueprint and the talking points for the rest of your life.  That's what it did for me. One of the most intriguing speeches a human could ever hear.  I first heard it 5 years ago, and I last listened to some of it a few days ago.
Listen Here

This Tony Robbins discussion on the 6 Human Needs is what helped me to properly and truthfully evaluate my behavior and make meaningful adjustments that continue to guide my life to where I want it to go.
Listen Here

Reminder Tools
These reminder tools are like Billboards for your daily life.  They will help you see it, speak it, think it, then live it. 

Learning Tools
These learning tools will help you learn the concepts and apply the concepts.

Writing Tools
These writing tools will help you capture your ideas as you learn these new concepts.

Matthew 6:21 For where your treasure lies, your heart will be also.

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