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Lifetime Learners Toolbox
The Lifetime Learners Toolbox will be a living collection of entrypoints to learn about various topics.  We believe that the key to Happiness is consistent Learning.  Learning is Growth.  We will continue to provide opportunities for us all to continue to learn, and grow.  

- this tool will help Identify the range for each of your 8 intelligences

- this tool will help you identify how your interests connect to occupations

- this tool provides you with the activities to Improve each of your 8 intelligences

Lifetime Learning Schedule - this tool provides caretakers with a framework of activities and concepts to teach their loved ones

3 x 3 Rubiks Cube Solution - this tool provides you with the algorithm to solve the Rubiks Cube.  Only 5.6% of the population have ever solved a Rubiks Cube.  Join the club.

Occupation Breakdown Guide - this tool allows you to develop a snapshot of your occupation, and the potential opportunities.  This tools helps you Learn about your occupation

Life Goal Tracker - this tool allows you to develop a clear illustration of Where You Are Going.  A person with written goals has considerably more success than the person without

Home Buyer's Prospect Tracker - this tool allows you to keep track of the important factors to homebuying

Learn a Language

Learn Yoruba - this tool will connect you with a world renowned instructor to help you learn Yoruba language and culture

Yoruba Language - this video will teach you the beginnings about the Yoruba language

English as a Second Language - this video provides a daily activity for ESL Learners

Learn about Food

Mia's (Make Life a Sweet Blessing)- Learn about modern preparation and cooking techniques for a wide array of desserts, juices, and other visually and physically pleasing baked goods

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