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How To Design Your Life

Matthew 25:14 The Parable of the Talents

  1. Identify Your Talents   -- Matthew 6:21

Use the Interest Profiler

Use the Multiple Intelligence Assessment

Use the Power Statement

2. Connect Your Talents to Occupations   -- James 2:14

Use the Interest Profiler

Use the Life Goals Tracker

Use the American Workforce Trinity principles


3. Use Your Talents to Help Other People   -- Mark 12:31

Use the Activities to Improve Intelligences

Continue to Learn, Continue to Study

Use the Occupation Breakdown

The Carter Hughes Knowledge Institute provides Evidence Based tutoring and coaching with Pre Assessments and Post Assessments to measure effectiveness.  Scavenger Hunt methodology is utilized to teach our participants the necessary skills that can lead them to their desired outcome.

Workshops and Courses

Our Clients Say

A person should naturally be able to get more recognition by following these principles! 
I wish every employee I’ve ever had did this. I will actually apply this going forward to help mentor and further cultivate their professional growth!

C. Cornish, Co Founder, Apprentices Work

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