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Use Experiences from Your past to Improve Your Future

Mark 12:31 Love your neighbor as you love yourself

Helpful Veteran

A Roadmap to What Matters

Helpful Veteran is our military veteran focused community that provides tips, tools, and entry points for veterans to identify and utilize the benefits of their military service.

In every state in this country, military veterans have access to;

1. Disability Benefit Resources

2. Medical Benefit Resources 

3. Employment Resources

4. Education and Training Resources, and

5. Local Discounts based Veteran Status

Use the benefits you've earned, to help you moving Forward.

Your Experience is Valuable

Verification of Military Experience and Training - Once you separate from military service, it is critical to remember that your experiences in the military can provide evidence of your knowledge and skills that you can leverage in the civilian workforce.  Obtain a copy of your VMET, then incorporate those skills into your civilian resume.  Click here to obtain your VMET.

Learning Tools
These tools will help you apply the concepts you have learned.

Before You File:
MicroLearning Course

This course helps veterans go from feeling anxious and overwhelmed about how the VA claim process will go, to feeling confident and competent so that they can After taking this course, there is no way you walk into a VA office and feel out of place.

Before You File(BYF):
VA Disability Claims Guidebook

Download the Guidebook to help you Navigate

Your Claims Process

Helpful Veteran Topics

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